Robot Pilot (Experimental)


Experimental Automated Navigation, Tactical, and Helm Unit 5 (XANTHU-5, AKA “Finski.”)

Species: Robot
Power Level: Trouble
Base Refresh: 7
Effective Refresh: 4


Heritage: Fully-Equipped
Heritage: Just a Machine
Homeworld: Escaped military experiment
Personal Strength: Metal is better than meat
Personal Weakness: Heartless
Former Associates: There’s a reason they want me back
Current Berth:


Great: Pilot
Good: Artillery, Systems
Fair: Alertness, Engineering, Investigation, Resolve
Average: Academics, Burglary, Endurance, Gambling, Guns, Might, Weapons

Stunts & Special Abilities (Refresh spent: 3):
Robot (-1): Reprogrammable (-2), Never Sleep (0), Don’t Breathe (-1), Machine Resistance (-3), Immortal (-1), EM Vulnerability (1), No Natural Healing (4), Anti-Robot Prejudice (+1)
Artillery: Target Their Systems
Pilot: Daredevil


XANTHU-5 was part of a program by Globular Consumer Neuronics (GCN) to develop a cheap alternative to organic military pilots, for small but ambitious militaries on a budget. GCN’s scientists discovered, however, that robots superior to organic combat pilots required a degree of sentience that made them unmanageable, but subservient robots simply did not possess the initiative or flexibility to best organic pilots. So, after 5 iterations, GCN scrapped the program.

One of the Series 5 prototypes, however, got wind of his impending deactivation, and decided to make a break for it. Slipping out of the lab, he made his way to an assembly line for commercial autopilot robots. He transferred his cognitive hardware and software into a finished unit, then sent his original body on a suicidal escape attempt to cover what he’d done. He was subsequently delivered to TransGalaxy PanGalactic, who realized they’d gotten more than they bargained for when the CESS PET’s previous pilot was killed, and XANTHU-5 wildly outperformed him in rescuing the ship.

XANTHU-5 could think of no better nomme de guerre for himself than “Five;” someone in the crew took to calling him “Sawbuck,” and the name stuck, although XANTHU-5 is only just now starting to respond to it. XANTHU-5 appears as a tall, well-proportioned, handsome, but stiff-looking human male in a generic quasi-military uniform (including a peaked cap) which is part of his body. His face is a generic humanoid face with permanent artificial (and somewhat idiotic) smile. XANTHU-5 has modified his body, however, to include a number of interface jacks and tool extensions, with very little eye to aesthetics, so the once-neat uniform is slowly becoming a Frankenstein patchwork of hatches, plates, bulges, vents, and sockets.


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