Tales of the CESS PET

Incident on Delta Eta

Starting out with a bang AKA Damn You von Neumann!

We started our campaign with the crew of the *TG CESS PET bound for Job Tower at GCP to offload some cargo picked up at the crew’s previous stop. The ship came out of hyper in system at GCP shuddering, smoking, and shaking from the beating they’d taken before the ship made it out of the as-yet-unnamed place they had been. In-character blame was freely tossed around while the ship made for docking at Job Tower.

As the CESS PET approached, Job Tower traffic control hailed the ship for pre-docking clearance. The Robotic backup pilot, XANTHU-5 — also known simply as Five — called in and prepared for docking. Job Tower Traffic Control insisted on talking with the actual pilot, and refused to grant clearance to an automated pilot. After all, Five is Just a Machine. When Five advised that he was the only rated pilot available, JTTC re-routed the ship to Secondary Transfer Station Delta Eta further out in the system.

Delta Eta is one of the backups to the backup freight stop at GCP. It’s old, dingy, plain, and populated by only a skeleton crew of biologicals, mostly crewed by robots. Biologicals only handle the most key positions, leaving everything else to androids, automata, and robota.

Five flew the craft to a textbook perfect docking at Delta Eta while Gun, the sociopathic teddy bear, waited impatiently to get off the ship and onto the station so that he could fulfill some of is more primal urges. Truma the Engineer worked to repair some of the ship’s damage, and Doctor Love headed out also to look for fellow Arsubarans to hang out with.

As Gun walked down the docking tube/gangway, he failed to notice the small spider-like robots swarming out of the damaged hull of the ship, down the gangway, and onto the station.

By the time Doc Love had made it to the one bar on station, Gun found it and started making time with the Arsubaran ladies, in attendance, plying his cuddly good looks, and his oh-so-soft pink fur. The doctor started talking to a lovely young Arsubaran dockworker when her boyfriend, a monstrous muscular manhulk walked out of the loo, demanding satisfaction for the insult the Doctor had paid him.

The Doctor convinced Barry the manhulk that Gun was the real threat to his status. When Barry threatened Gun, the little bear shot him. Twice, once in the junk. Then he walked out of the bar, told the responding security guard that an Arsubaran with an IMPERIAL ROCKET DOCTORS SERVICE jacket had just shot someone. Finally, he ducked into an air ventilation shaft or the crawl home to CESS PET.

Doc Love did a Miracle Worker’s job of saving Barry’s life (if not his junk) before all the cops on the station attempted a standoff from outside the bar. Meanwhile, little spider-like robots were wandering all over the station. During the standoff, station power went out, due to the spider robots. Truma and Shplongle investigate the spiders only to find that the spiders have found their way to station engineering, and are dismantling it to make more spider robots.

Truma attempts to reprogram the spider robots from their ‘destroy-and-replicate’ programming to more of a ‘scour-the-station-for-fuel-for-CESS-PET’ by programing one to chain the new instructions throughout the mass of spider robots. This did not end well—partly due to Truma II, the Runaway AI‘s insertion of additional programming beyond Truma’s instructions.

The little bots started reprograming all of the other bots on the station with SYSTEM programming. Finally, there was a mad rush for the ship, as the crew tried to get all of the
Biologicals from Delta Eta off the station and into CESS PET or escape pods before SYSTEM-atized robots overwhelmed and killed them all.

As CESS PET fled the scene, they notified GCP authorities, who blew the place up to protect the rest of Galactic Central Point from a System infection.

PS: free fate points or other consideration for anyone who is willing to write a post-game summary.



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