The Ship:


The RV GRAND PRINCESS PETULA was one of the finest yachts in the Saldrallan imperial royal family’s personal fleet, but scandal and the tides of political fortune led the Imperial Livery to sell the ship. In the service of a series of wealthy business magnates, GRAND PRINCESS PETULA served for hundreds of years, gradually losing the battle against wear and age. When the ship was captured by pirates, her owners just wrote her off, and collected the insurance money. When the pirates who flew the ship were subsequently caught, the old girl was owned by a ponzi scheme investor who used it as a base for his operations. When he was caught by the Saldrallan authorities, the judge ordered the ship sold off and ordered the owner to make restitution. TRANSGALAXY PANGALACTIC Corporation stepped in to purchase the ship and take on her captain for its CLASS D FREIGHT Division. Once, RV GRAND PRINCESS PETULA was a fine lady. Now she and her old man are BULLDOGS flying under the name TG CESS PET.

This is her story, and the story of her crew.

Concept: Hull of a cruise ship, heart of a pirate.
Problem: Insatiable thirst for consumables
Strength: Moves Like a Bat Out of Hell

CAPTAIN MORRIE SNAPS was a legitimate businessman. He would buy the cheapest ships available, slap some paint on, bring them just up to code (or just under, if the the inspectors were willing to deal), and then lease them out, or sell them at a tidy profit. Some of his schemes were more ambitious, selling shares of a shipping company backed by the purchases of later investors. Snaps’ motto was Caveat Emptor, and anyone who did business with him quickly learned to beware indeed. When the GRAND PRINCESS PETULA was seized by the UNION of the SALDRALLA, Morrie was seized as well, and ordered to pay back his investors no matter how long this takes. He is effectively a prisoner aboard CESS PET, required to follow the bidding of TRANSGALAXY PANGALACTIC as he atones for his crimes.

Morrie Snaps Aspects
Concept: Disgraced Ken Reeg Magnate Under House (Ship) Arrest
Trouble: Soul of a Ferengi
Leadership: Absentee Landlord


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Tales of the CESS PET

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